Saturday, April 18, 2009

(ONLY) 2 new pairs of speakers today!

I just brought home a pair of Mirage 650 floorstanders (2 way 10 inch with 10 inch passive radiators). I loved the 750s and expect great sound from these after I build new passive radiators.

I also have a cute pair of KLH 32s, like miniature 17s with 8 inch woofers. The cabinets need sanding, but these will be beautiful when I am finished with them! I will listen and report later.

UPDATE: the KLH 32s are very nice. Very funky/primitive/organic looking cloth surround woofers that really kick in this well designed acoustic suspension (i.e. sealed box) cabinet. The tweeter is covered by what looks a pink round facial scrub pad, held in place by a circle of metal screen, but is impressing me. I'm listening to The British Blues part of the excellent Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues documentary soundtrack (Tom Jones & Lulu are incredible here, as is Jeff Beck), and these little speakers are really working. Those of you who recently admired the Wharfedale Super Linton W30Ds will love these.

I'm working on the Mirages now. The woofers are excellent quality rubber surround units, the cabinet bracing is extensive, and the tweeters are in excellent shape and are the same as the ones on the 750s that I liked so much. Great promise here!

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