Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Tangent RS6 pictures.

  These beautiful speakers came to me when a friend of the blog pointed me to a Craigslist ad seeking a new home for them. I sanded the tops, which were very scratched and had watermarks, restored the sides, and put new grill cloth on the frames. I really can't complain about a missing badge.
  The Thunders Tangent reference site shows that the RS6 had KEF T27 tweeters  and Audax woofers. This pair has Audax tweeters. They were obviously installed at the same time as replacements for blown T27s (KEF changed the 104 to the 104ab in part to protect the T27s), and these Audax units were an excellent (and obvious) choice (as pictured, they're used in many excellent Mission speakers among others…the identical tweeter, with rectangular faceplate, is used the the Spica, and my beloved Rega 3s). These speakers sound very nice, with good bass extension (if not control), being driven by my Arcam Alpha as I write.
Update: swapping in the Arcam Delta 60 for the Alpha improved bass control and articulation a lot…makes sense.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Another pair of Rega 3s.

  The Rega 3s that got me through the winter left  a few weeks ago (don't worry about me, I always have options). Within days, this beautiful pair fell into my lap. The cabinets were perfect. I knew I didn't want to 3d print badges again, so cut logos out of a subtly contrasting veneer, and applied them, to satisfy my branding fetish.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Just Arrived Sony TA-1150, Marantz 2230.

  Both rated at 30 watts per channel, these 2 beauties are finally here!
  The Sony required 3 trips to the repair shop before it sounded fantastic, due to improperly rated replacement parts in previous repairs, and the smoke from the right side of the case was disconcerting. All is good now, and this tank of an amp, original Sony Esprit sounds awesome.
  I've had Marantz 2230s before, but not in years. It's a beautiful classic, and the one that's here is a great example.
  I'll have pictures of both soon.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

July Update

  I hope you're having a fantastic summer.
  The Angstrom Reference speakers were here for a couple of weeks. I mistakenly thought that they used all Vifa components, but I was corrected (Vifa woofers, Philips tweeters). As wonderful as they sounded, I think the tweeter robbed them of ultimate airiness at the top.
 The ADS L400s that arrived here recently have no lack of airiness! This model is just bigger than a mini speaker, but much more satisfying.

Marantz PM-84D integrated amplifier. Vintage 1986. Massive: 19.5 kilos. MOS-FETs!

Saturday, June 7, 2014


The Delta 60 is a 50 watt/channel minimalist amp with neutrality, musicality and dynamics. I never showed you the first one, which I used through the winter with the Regas, probably because it was made in 1988, and seemed so visually bland to me a first. I opened this new one (picked up Friday) to change fuses and was impressed by the fit, finish and construction quality. I wish Arcam still made amps that looked like this, but the simple elegance of the Delta has grown on me, and it sounds amazing. I've also been using an Arcam Alpha, from the early nineties, rated at 40 watts/channel to drive the Monitor Audio Sevens at the uptown office. It's a bit chintzier looking, but sounds very nice too.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Monitor Audio Sevens

  Apparently, these were darlings of the british hi-fi press in the early eighties. Stereophile loved them too. I jumped on a pair at a very fair price in rough cosmetic shape, but sounding great. I veneered them (on 3 sides...I'm lazy) with some scraps I had of figured black walnut, and now I think they look the way they sound

Friday, May 16, 2014

Braun L810s

  These are the biggest Braun driver speakers I've had here (and the biggest I'd want in my space). A 3 way design, not unlike the ADS L780/2s below, but with bigger midrange domes (with massive magnets), beefier tweeters built on huge faceplates, and two eight inch woofers in each cabinet.
  The clarity of the ADS/Braun designs is extended another octave. These are awesome, very engaging speakers. Listening to Ella Fitzgerald jamming with an all star Pablo band on Fine & Mellow (on original vinyl) almost brought tears of joy to my eyes.