Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Update.

I got the B&W DM2s stripped and sanded today. I had a couple of dented corners to rebuild, which are setting now, and they should be looking good by tomorrow.

The speakers continue to impress with their overall musicality and solid bass response.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Just arrived. B&W DM2s!

Updated: These speakers are awesome.

These sound great, but are a mess.
This is going to be fun!
Here's an excellent description and review from Gramophone Magazine in 1972 when the DM2s were released.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

This is perfect.

From the White Rock Blues Society website:

Craigslist Ad:

We are a small & casual restaurant in downtown Vancouver and we are looking for solo musicians to play in our restaurant to promote their work and sell their CD. This is not a daily job, but only for special events which will eventually turn into a nightly event if we get positive response. More Jazz, Rock, & smooth type music, around the world and mixed cultural music. Are you interested to promote your work? Please reply back ASAP.

A Musician's Reply:

Happy New Year! I am a musician with a big house looking for a restaurateur to come to my house to promote his/her restaurant by making dinner for me and my friends. This is not a daily job, but only for special events which will eventually turn into a nightly event if we get a positive response. More fine dining & exotic meals and mixed Ethnic Fusion cuisine.
Are you interested to promote your restaurant? Please reply back ASAP.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Friday Update.

Happy Friday. I'm sorry that I haven't updated the blog since Tuesday. One of you, between when I went to sleep and when I woke up, was the 450,000th viewer of Seventies Stereo. The blog has been averaging over a thousand hits a day for a couple of months now, with a peak of 1,461 earlier this month. Thank you for visiting.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just arrived. Another cool amplifier.

I know, I said I had my go to amp. I planned to just concentrate on speakers, which for me is the really fun part. The Rega P1 with Grado Black phono cartridge is working nicely me right now, and I've been enjoying more vinyl lately.

I've aquired a brand new, never used, high output moving coil cartridge, manufactured in Japan in 1975, and highly, highly recommended by someone I trust & respect. He could've settled on any cartridge at almost any price (and has owned some amazing ones), but bought 2 of them. I'll tell you about it when it's installed.

Anyways, when I read about this beautiful amp on this Vintage Knob page, I was really anxious. It seems positioned as competitor to the wonderful dual mono Sansui AU-717.

As for the Technics, I'll tell you more when I get it sorted was really dirty when I got it (layer of pet hair all over the interior), but has cleaned up beautifully. I had it sounding strong and transparent through both channels, with digital and vinyl, but the direct/tone control switch is messed up. It played at half volume direct, but sounded amazing with tone controls in, now not playing either way. I'm pretty confident that one switch is my whole problem, and will investigate further soon. This is am amazingly well built amp, with huge potential.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sansui SF-2 photos.

Updated: They sound pretty nice. They are clearly vintage speakers, a little soft in the high end, tonally warm and musical. Their sins (and ALL speakers have them) are of omission. They don't image like conventional speakers, but produce a diffuse soundfield that fills the room with music, but won't tell you who's where on 'stage'.

If their style appeals to you (and it's been growing on me...I think they're funky), you should consider them. If you're thinking about KLH, AR, Rectilinear, Advent or speakers of similar vintage, you may find them ideal.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cerwin Vega 24 pictures.

I refoamed these last night. They really are a californian Sound Dynamics 100s (port in rear).

Realistic Minimus 11s

These arrived yesterday. They are about three times the volume of the Minimus 7, and much better, to my ears.


Last month was the second in a row in which Seventies Stereo averaged over a thousand hits a day. So far this month, the average is over twelve hundred (the high so far has been has been 1,461)! Thank you. I've been swamped by my day job these past two weeks, and hope the updates can/will become more frequent again soon.

Just arrived. Cerwin Vega 24. Realistic Minimus 11.

Pictures soon.
Updated. First picture.

Nineties Mission 760i speakers with seventies look wood.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Update.

A few bunch of speakers have left to excellent new homes in the past couple of weeks.

The Yamaha NS690s left for the north of the city on New Years Eve. They are fantastic speakers, among the best I've had here.

The latest JBL L26s left with the Avid 100s for a good home on Friday, to be driven by the Marantz 1060.

Update: I never told you about the Avids. Avid was a Rhode Island based speaker manufacturer in the 70s. It made products in the vein of, and competetive with Advent, AR, Rectilinear, EPI etc. The 100 is a well built 2 way, 8 inch, sealed system, with rubber woofer surrounds and phenolic ring tweeters. They sounded very nice, not as sweet and extended in the highs as EPI 100s, but nice.

I've been really enjoying the Sansui AU-888 (the Marantz 1152DC will be back in a day), driving the Mission 770 Freedom Vs or JBL L16s.