Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday, May 24, 2013

Ariston RD11s with Mayware Formula IV tonearm and Stanton 681EEE Cartridge.

I got this 'table a few weeks ago. It sounded good right away, but the cueing function wasn't usable. The hydraulic cylinder travels up and down in a sleeve, secured at the correct height by a plastic set screw, in a plastic thread that's completely stripped. I made a small rubber spacer of the required height, and epoxied it (removeably) between the arm mounting plate and the underside of the cylinder. It works perfectly. I've never had a Stanton cartridge before, and was always skeptical of the little brush at the front of the body. I couldn't imagine that performance wouldn't be compromised. I'm convinced that Stanton have designed their cartridges well. The 681EEE tracks well and sounds great. I think the brush (and its additional point of contact with the record surface) probably is extra helpful with the Mayware Formula IVs unipivot design.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Quick Update

  This is my first post in May, and I apologize. Stuff has been happening, I just haven't been able to tell you about it, or even show you pictures.
  The Altec Sevens have been refinished, and recapped, and I'm (still) evaluating, the (so far positive) changes.
  I refoamed a pair of The Advent Loudspeakers this week, and after not hearing a pair for probably 3 years, was bowled over (again) by their inherent musicality.