Sunday, December 11, 2016

Re: Thanks for contacting us.

I’ve been on hold for than 10 minutes. I’m having trouble playing your exclusive 808 movie…it’s not playing. In 5 minutes I’m going to cancel…update…5 minutes later I got to technical support, told my problem, and was told I’d been routed to the wrong department…I don’t have another 15. I’m cancelling….Tidal sounds way better.
If you’re paying attention, I’d love to hear from you, explaining why I’d be making a mistake.

Best Regards

Friday, December 2, 2016

I'm not dreaming.

 Blue & Lonesome IS on Tidal, and as expected, sounds MUCH better on the hifi stream than on apple music)
  This is the first Stones album I've wanted to own since Some Girls. I've only heard half (on Apple Music, it's not on Tidal today), but it sounds loud, greasy and dirty. Not a cash grab, not a museum piece (like much of Eric Clapton's recent blues output), this is big fun.