Saturday, January 14, 2012

Just arrived. Another cool amplifier.

I know, I said I had my go to amp. I planned to just concentrate on speakers, which for me is the really fun part. The Rega P1 with Grado Black phono cartridge is working nicely me right now, and I've been enjoying more vinyl lately.

I've aquired a brand new, never used, high output moving coil cartridge, manufactured in Japan in 1975, and highly, highly recommended by someone I trust & respect. He could've settled on any cartridge at almost any price (and has owned some amazing ones), but bought 2 of them. I'll tell you about it when it's installed.

Anyways, when I read about this beautiful amp on this Vintage Knob page, I was really anxious. It seems positioned as competitor to the wonderful dual mono Sansui AU-717.

As for the Technics, I'll tell you more when I get it sorted was really dirty when I got it (layer of pet hair all over the interior), but has cleaned up beautifully. I had it sounding strong and transparent through both channels, with digital and vinyl, but the direct/tone control switch is messed up. It played at half volume direct, but sounded amazing with tone controls in, now not playing either way. I'm pretty confident that one switch is my whole problem, and will investigate further soon. This is am amazingly well built amp, with huge potential.

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