Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday Update

The SONY TA-F5 is stunning! All the beautiful musicality of the TA-F3, with more authority and the extra sparkle that comes from a DC coupled design. It is a super funky piece of design, beautifully made. it is lighter than one would expect, because it has a sophisticated pulse power supply instead of a massive conventional transformer. The volume control is smooth and quiet now. With my Marantz 1150 gone (that took some arm twisting!), this could easily become my go to amplifier for the foreseeable future.

DC amps seem to be the thing for me this week. The Telfunken amp also sounds fantastic.

The Rega 2 speakers that I mentioned in passing are gone. They were amazing!

The massive Yamaha P-2200 left yesterday. On final listen, using the Telefunken preamp, it is a warm, musical amp.

I have a pair of Yamaha NS- L325s. They are large, heavy 3 way 10 inch systems. They use very sophisticated metal dome tweeters and very well made midrange drivers and heavy cast woofers. They sound very monitor like: neutral, revealing and full range. I think someone is going to love these!

Telefunken posting updated. See below or click here.

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