Friday, April 3, 2009

Remember the Marantz 2230 in the sink?

It is sounding really good, as nice as any Marantz receiver I've had. It will never look like a showpiece, with some scratches on the faceplate and a dinged corner. If you love listening to music, and seek a bargain, this could be the one for you. Pictures to follow (my camera batteries are recharging).
UPDATE: See above
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coal said...

My 2230 was the best sounding unit out of all the stereo gear I had over a course of about 7 years, bought so much stuff to try and it always came out on top. Matched with a set of Vandersteen speakers and a Rotel cd player, I had a incredible system for the small room that it was in.

I lost all my music and equipment in a fire that we had last year, still bummed about that. Just starting now to think about assembly some equipment and get back into it.

What a cool site you have, been in audio since the middle 70's owned so much stuff over the years. Been reading your blog and history that last hour at work, I own the place so they can't fire me lol.