Thursday, April 9, 2009

Telefunken 300 series components vintage 1981

I apologize for the numerical typographical error that stayed up uncorrected all day.See this link for lots of information.
This set sounds great, the preamp & power amp combining to produce a beautiful, effortless, quiet and very musical performance, bringing out the best in lots of speakers I've tried them with. The cassette deck is a pleasure, and I've used the double speed feature to get some really decent results (on normal tape). The deck uses 3 direct drive motors, so no belt issues, which can be the obstacle to of vintage cassette deck enjoyment.

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Anonymous said...

A friend of mine has this setup. One of the large dept. store chains in Canada used to market all Telefunken receivers. The slimmer (and I think wider) German made stuff (with heat sensing radio presets) and the more Japanese styled units like this. I believe the Japanese models were made by Hitachi for Telefunken.
Can anyone confirm this?