Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Update; Tonight I showed these to a guy who freaked when he saw them. He bought a pair from Brack's in 1969 (with a Kenwood receiver) and owned them until recently. He was amazed at the shape this pair is in.

I think it's fascinating that someone wanted to make a speaker that looked like a BOSE 901. It is still an iconic visual, industrial design and aural landmark, albeit a very controversial one. It's detractors say that it intentionally produces distortions that are very pleasing, and make some people very happy. I don't know any supporters.

Made for Richard Brack Stereo, an excellent Toronto store, in the Colonnade on Bloor Street when it was a very trendy landmark building in the city. It is a striking piece of architecture.

The tweeters, I can't tell you much about, except that they sound surprisingly good, and there are four. I'm Listening to Duke Ellington & John Coltrane, and it sounds amazing (I'm using the Marantz 2230 from the sink)

I'm told that these are Alnico tweeters, which I take to mean they use Alnico magnets. Whatever, they sound great, and based on the one I took out, are in great condition. This kind of non removable front baffle protects drivers well.

The cabinets are full of 4 thick layers of acoustic foam. The craftsmanship is excellent. These would have been made in very small quantities.

The ten inch woofers are very heavy and well made...they look a lot like Altecs, but I'm sure they aren't. The surrounds are rubber and look great.

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