Sunday, April 5, 2009

3 pairs of new speakers so far today.

When the dust cleared, the Marantz 2235B was gone, as well as a Nakamichi preamp I never had the opportunity to post about.
Six sets of speakers arrived, but the Dynaco A-35s left 2 hours after they arrived.

And the day isn't over!

I have a pair of DYNACO A-35s in excellent condition, a pair of ALTEC/LANSING 201s & a pair of BOSTON ACOUSTICS T-830s. I will post more soon, but let me tell you now that all 3 sound great.

The Dynacos are ready to go: sanded & oiled. The grills are perfect as are the badges.

The Altecs need sanding, some paint and new grill cloth. They are 2 way systems, with 8 inch (just refoamed) woven Kevlar woofers and aluminized dome tweeters.

The Bostons are floor standing 8 inch 3 way towers. They need some touch ups on their black woodgrain vinyl amd new grills.

All these should be ready soon. I have moved a lot of speakers lately, and was kind of concerned about what I would have to listen to. No worries now!

I have also sanded and oiled 2 pairs of KLH 17s. I will be resealing all the drivers, reclaiming the tweeters in the Seventies Stereo House Speakers, and will soon be listening to stacked KLH 17s, which considering the reputation of stacked Advents, should be really cool!

I am expecting a pair of KEF CODA IIIs and a pair of Infinity RS4000s before the day is over.

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