Saturday, December 27, 2008

Stacked Advents!

In the mid seventies, The Absolute Sound Magazine (about which much more some other time) said that stacking 2 Advent Loudspeakers, tweeter to tweeter on each channel was the budget audiophile's best bet. I have recently acquired a set of Advent 1s, and a pair of Smaller Advents, and yesterday refoamed the Smallers (I did the Advent 1s last week). An awful lot has been written about the sound of these speakers. Both pairs share a relaxed musicality, and a beautifully balanced high end. After a few days with the Audio Oasis Titans, with what sounded like an overly etched high end (I think they would work better with tubes), Advent was a breath of real music. The 1s, with their bigger (by an inch) woofer have more extended bass, but the Smallers are no slouch.
So is the stack better? Yes! each pair sounds great separately, but together everything sounds more open and effortless, with no loss of imaging, and beautiful bass!
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Greg said...

I'm also running a pair of stacked Advents driven by a Marantz 2252b and have been very happy with the quality of sound.
I enjoy your site and stop by regularly.