Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday!

Sansui AU-217 40 watts/channel. This amp sounds amazing! These are super powerful vintage seventies Sansui watts. This is in the closest to new condition (but still never mint!) I've ever had here.

Altec/Lansing 201s are fantastic! They have 8 inch kevlar woofers and aluminized fabric dome tweeters. They sound really good, an order of magnitude more real than the Model Ones.

I loved my TA-F3, and this SONY TA-F5 is even cooler: VU meters,10 more watts per channel (70...the meters go to a hundred!), DC coupled, fancy power supply technology, moving coil stage! This looks like a winner! My new best friend tech guy brought this back from the dead, and it is fantastic. i will listen all night and report further.

Also in today, Yamaha NS-L25 speakers...10 inch 3 way cast woofer pseudo monitors (home semi pro). An interesting sidetrip while the CORAL CX-77s are here, similar design philosophies (but the Yamahas have cone midranges, not fancy domes) and half the price.

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