Saturday, April 4, 2009

Saturday Update

The Image Reference 2s are gone, as speakers fly out of here! I hope to introduce some really cool new ones very soon (hopefully tonight!).

My Realistic Minimus 7s finally left, and on final listen I understand why people in very small spaces or VERY near field situations like them. However, the Boston HD-5s, for example (that the same guy bought), which are only 3 inches taller, absolutely bury them.

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Anonymous said...

I'm the guy that bought the Minimus 7s, HD5s and the Image Refrence 2s. The HD5s did blow away the Minimus 7s, but the real reason I bought the Minimus 7's were to complete a second set. These are not bad speakers for the price (at the time I originally bought the first pair). I may end up using them as computer speakers powered maybe by a t-amp if I could find a reasonable priced one.
BTW - the JVC and the Image Ref 2 are making a senior citizen very happy. Thanks, Lloyd.