Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday update (early)

I'm leaving town for the weekend, and may not have an opportunity to post, so I want to catch up.

The Marantz 2285B left Thursday afternoon for a very good home. The guy who bought it really knows his stuff. He changed the bulbs, set all specs to their factory settings, cleaned it inside and out. He tells me he spent four hours, and it looks like more! It absolutely gleams now.

I have a beautiful Harman/Kardon 430 twin powered receiver that sounds and looks gorgeous, nicer than the one in the picture. What the the photo doesn't show is how cool it looks when it's on, and the tuning dial glows behind the shiny smoked fascia. As I said about the HK-340 I had last August: if Mies Van Der Rohe designed receivers, they would look like this!

I have a Pioneer SX-3600 30 watt/channel receiver with the cool fluoroscan meters. It sound s great too.

The other Altec speakers I mentioned the day I told you about the Marantz 26 are 893A Coronas from 1971. Here are the picture (on the right) & specs from the '71 catalogue. They were in rough cosmetic shape, but are going to be beautiful. They sound MUCH better than the Altec Ones from 2 years later, and are impressing me with their effortless musicality. They will be ready to see and hear early next week.

I had no interest in the Infinity RS4000s here, so they are going to Provo, Utah to become part of an all Infinity, all EMIT tweeter home theatre system. I know I said I wouldn't ship again after the Mach One fiasco, but I will use a different carrier and assure myself that they are properly packed.

Have a great weekend enjoying music.

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