Thursday, April 30, 2009

A special pair of Missions.

I was given a set of Mission 710s in rough cosmetic condition. They have the fantastic Seas tweeters that I've enjoyed in other Missions, as well as Meraks, and the Boston A200s. The 8 inch woofers had been replaced with car stereo junk.

I happened to have a pair of woofers salvaged from a pair of 770 Freedom Fives, and as an experiment, installed them. I was apprehensive about how the 710 crossover would integrate the new woofer into the midrange, and curious about the bass, because unlike most Missions I've known, these are sealed enclosures.

Well, they sound great. I was listening critically for midrange roughness and boomy bass, but after a few minutes I was just enjoying the music, which tells me all I need to know.

So there is a unique opportunity here...I'd say these are three quarters of the 770 experience for two thirds of the cost.

The cabinets have been beautifully restored (they were VERY scratched up). Mission matches veneer grains all the way around each cabinet, and the result is striking.

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