Friday, October 17, 2008


Over the weekend I will post about the Dynaco A-25s, KLH Seventeens, Energy ESMs, Mirage 750s (!!) and Infinity SM82s. I have 3 pairs to refoam, 2 pairs to sand and oil. It's going to be a busy weekend in speakerland!
I have refoamed the 10 inch woofers on the mirage 750s, redone the deteriorated Energy ESM surrounds with rubber ones from a set of Missions, sanded and oiled the Dynaco A-25s and KLH Seventeens, also replaced a cracked top veneer on one of the KLHs with new walnut. All sound great! The polycel tweeters on the Infinity SM82s are both blown. They will appear in modified form soon (I never liked those tweeters) at an outrageously low price.
I will take pictures and post as soon as the sun hits the porch.
e-mail me to arrange a listen.
The Mirages are a real taste of the high end, The KLHs and Dynacos are retro heaven (the KLHs look like they came from the set of Mad Men!), and the Energy ESMs are canadian Mission 700s!

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