Thursday, October 23, 2008

Thursday Catch Up

I'm sorry that this is my first post this week. My day job has been really busy. I promised on Sunday to post about the speakers I picked up last week. The Mirage 750s, sold today, were probably the most modern, high end aspiring speakers I've had here and were very nice: full range, excellent imaging, and strangely enough, like the Boston A60s, really able to get out of the way and leave the music hanging in the room.

The KLH Seventeens, which some of you have noted is not from the seventies, are very nice. A spiritual precursor to one of the defining speakers (in my opinion) of the seventies, The Advent Loudspeaker, it has many of the same characteristics (and a tweeter as weird looking as the 'fried egg' on the Advents) and is a pleasure to listen to. I couldn't resist posting the Mad Men
graphics once I found the 1965 ad, but definitely got off point a bit.

This blog will sometimes go back to the 60s and and into the 80s (the only 90s vintage speakers I've ever had, the Infinity Reference Fours are still here!).

The Energy ESM3s are as I thought on first listen, are very british in sound and construction ( 8 inch 2 way, light but rigid braced cabinet). They're very smooth and neutral. They don't do deep bass, but they don't fake any either. That's a good thing. I believe they use Vifa tweeters, which are just fine. These sound very much like the Mission 700s I had last month.
When I got them, the foam surrounds were shot. I had a pair of rubber ones that I'd just removed from a pair of dead Seas woofers. They work beautifully, and will make some foam surround hater very happy!

I don't know what to say about the Dyanaco A-25s, They're the first pair I've heard (embarrassing to admit!). I think they're very good, and understand why people who love them do. I met a guy who uses seven of them as his 7.1 home theatre system! I understand the obsession.

This is a good quick overview.

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