Friday, October 3, 2008

Rega 3 speakers

I don't know why these stayed here for so long. They rock(ed)! I'll be excited to find another pair (especially one with 2 working tweeters).

The story of these speakers changes depending on what you read or who you talk to. Everyone agrees that they were made at the Camber speaker factory near Ottawa. Some say that the canadian distributor of Rega turntables at the time produced and sold them without the consent of head office, and had to cease and desist. Others say the distributor licensed the name legitimately, and did research and testing at the National Research Council labs. After this model was produced a smaller version (not considered quite as good), the 2.5 was adopted by the CBC as a studio monitor.
The Regas are in the British tradition of 2 way, 8 inch monitors (think Mission, Rogers, Spendor, Harbeth). The cabinet is one of the best built I've seen: heavy MDF, extensive bracing, including a brace from the woofer chassis to the back of the cabinet. The drivers are french made Polydax, and are excellent quality. I had to find a tweeter to replace the one that was blown when I got them, and it wasn't cheap or easy! It was worth it, though. These sound great! They are comparable to Mission 770s, with excellent imaging, and overall balanced, neutral sound. The Regas in my opinion have greater bass extension.
I have had these speakers for a while, first waiting for a tweeter, and then listened to extensively with a variety of amps. I didn't put them up sooner because I was looking for perfect replacement dustcaps (which one woofer was missing when I got them, but doesn't affect the sound). I didn't want to present them looking asymetrical, as they deserve serious consideration.Click here to contact me.


J. Leeson said...

I worked at Camber, south of Ottawa, up to it's last days there. Rega was a legitimate partner. Camber did testing at the NRC labs on it's own. The QC at the plant was very good, but tweeter QC was a challenge. I own 2 3.5ti prototypes which the production model adhered to almost exactly. They are in a recording studio - and certainly belong there.

Steve Williams said...

J Leeson, there is a pair of Rega 2 speakers on kijiji ottawa listed at $195. I like the ottawa/nrc conneciton and need some speakers for occasional use in my living room. Im dusting off my vinyl collection. Id be grateful for any advice/thoughts re these rega 2s