Sunday, October 5, 2008

SOLD! A complete system for $150

A guy wanted to come over to hear 3 different speaker sets with the HK-340 receiver, but it was at the shop AGAIN. I gave him the option of coming another time, but he was open to other suggestions. I hooked up a not before mentioned 45 watt per channel Sherwood receiver, the 3 way Dynaco A-250s and put on the Rock 'n' Roll. The dude was happy. It sounded musical and powerful. He checked out 2 other speaker pairs, but the Dynacos sang for him. For $150 he was on his way home to connect a real stereo to his turntable and enjoy. Nothing he could buy new for 3 times what he spent will satisfy the music lover. Everybody's happy.
e-mail me and let me put together a system for you and your budget.

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