Saturday, October 11, 2008


A Marantz 1070 integrated. This is the first one I've had with a factory installed, optional (I believe) wood grain sleeve. I'm listening (through some speakers I'll talk about soon) to it now, and it's singing! It may be in good enough condition for the minty seeker, I'll see when I clean it. It appears that the feet have to come off to get it out of the sleeve. That's not going to happen tonight. I just want to listen to music.
I've been enjoying it all weekend. It is very clean, warm (but not coloured!) and muscular. It sounds excellent with the JBL L36s and my new Altec 1s. It has been checked out by a tech who usually works on tubes, a few solder points were redone and it's rocking!
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Jeff said...

Very nice looking old marantz with the typical 'marantz' sound we have all come to love!