Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Final Merak Story

I got them (they were Merak M3s) before I started this blog. I rebuilt the passive radiators and refoamed the woofers. I moved those woofers out and traded them for the Seas tweeters that were in my Mission 770s (Merak and Mission both use Seas drivers). I put another set of Seas woofers from another pair of 770 IIs into the Meraks and called them Missionsteins. Those woofer's voicecoils came unglued, with terrible odds of being fixed properly (requiring near aerospace level precision). I tried a very similar set of clear poly cone woofers, with no satisfaction. Then late last night I tried a just refoamed set of woofers from a pair of small Infinities I haven't written about ( the sixth pair I picked up that busy friday 2 weeks ago). Finally, these speakers are sounding great again! The bass is tight and the mids are right (unintentional rhyme).
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