Friday, October 10, 2008


I was ignorant about Sony when I started this blog. I found the components boring, and imagined the company was justifiably famous for the Trinitron tube and the Walkman, but not solid in high quality components. This receiver is the third Sony I've had recently, and like the amps, it's a jewel. The utilitarian look has grown on me: I see it as a very clean, modernist aesthetic. The build quality is superb: the big knobs are solid milled aluminum! This is from the late seventies, and delivers a solid 30 watts per channel. The FM section is excellent too. I think I'll refinish the sides in real veneer, which it deserves.
UPDATE: The sides have been refinished in walnut. The top has been repainted. This looks almost new!
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Anonymous said...

Hello, My name Is Scott,I still own my sony STR 3800 that i bought in 1977 Could you tell me where I could get schematics, parts, etc.? Thanks

the stolen body said...

I got a str-3800L which is giving me a huge buzzing sound when the speakers are connected. Just been given it by an a friend. Just wondering if you have any tips?



Unknown said...

Hi Alex, a few years late but I have one of these amps. it kicks out a loud humm when turned on, but after 10 or 15 minutes the humm has gone. Like it has to warm up or something, Heh. Wonder if it is an earth or grounding issue?