Monday, July 20, 2009

Pioneer SX-880

I just picked up this 60 watt/channel beauty (it's face, anyway). It sound amazing, and is very powerful. It is the last of the silver face Pioneer 800 series. It is housed in the lamest (peeling) vinyl woodgrain case. I am going to veneer the sides in teak and spray the top in hammertone charcoal or black, like the SX-3600 I did in May. This piece sounds amazing and will look that way tomorrow.

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HiFi Collector said...

Nice find! Look forward to seeing the "After" photos! I love the Pioneer silvers so much that I felt bad after trading my 1050 a couple of months ago. The guy contacted me and asked if I wanted it back. I tried to contain my enthusiasm, but agreed, and traded him an HK power amp and a pair of Boston bookshelf speakers just to have that baby back in my collection.

- Tom