Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Marantz 2240

I'm really enjoying it. It's warm, musical and powerful. It drives the Sound Dynamics 12Ss to insane volumes without breaking a sweat (the Pioneer I told you about last night, glue drying under the new teak veneer as I write, is even stronger).

But I've been listening to the Sound Dynamics exclusively for days (with no desire to hear anything else) and need to hear something else, to recalibrate my ears, especially in the midrange.

With the ElectroVoice Sentry 100As, that gorgeous Marantz midrange really shines (the SD 12Ss are a little laid back in the mids, not surprising for a 2 way 12 inch system, no matter how good the tweeter). I'm going to listen to the AR28Ss, a classic sealed system, as well.

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