Friday, July 10, 2009

AR28S Speakers

As I mentioned yesterday, I refoamed them in the afternoon. After letting the cement set, I hooked them up to the Luxman L-114A, and started to listen. I really like them. They share a laidback dryness (as opposed to richness) with speakers I've enjoyed from Genesis and EPI. This is not terribly surprising considering the overlaps in engineering talent and even parts suppliers that the incestuous New England speaker manufacturers had. Advent, AR, EPI, and Genesis based their acoustic suspension designs on work done originally by Edgar Villchur, and patented by him in 1952.

A friend of mine feels that acoustic suspension speakers systems are inherently more realistic in the bass than bass reflex systems. I like too many reflex systems (JBL, Mission, Pioneer HPM etc.) to agree totally with him, but the AR28Ss certainly have beautiful balance.

These speakers are not spectacular sounding, they simply respect the music.

Photos to come soon.

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