Sunday, July 19, 2009

3 Marantz Receivers

I have a 2240 and a 2230 that I cleaned today. They are now both sounding great. I've never heard a 2240 before, and it's everything I'd a 2220B but twice as powerful. This particular 2230 sounds gorgeous, better than the old one that I've had for a year (which is about to trade it's cleaner faceplate and speaker connectors to the nice sounding one).

I also have a 2215 that I will check out soon. Update: Beautiful! After the Marantz 26 (16 watts/channel) I shouldn't have been surprised by the power and musicality of the 2215, but I was. It's wonderful.

They need lots of lights, and I'll get to that, but tonight I'm going to enjoy them.

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