Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sound Dynamics 12S Update

I haven't listened to anything else all weekend. The effortless solidity of the bottom end is amazing, and adds realism to everything above it. I was aware of their reputation as rock speakers, but they sound great with my jazz and blues stuff. The cabinet construction appears to be similar in method and detail to vintage JBL.

more to come

These speakers are sounding great with a Marantz 2240 (that I'll tell you about soon).

I got this from a Sound Dynamics thread on Canuck Audio Mart:

Sound Dynamics was started by the world famous George Baker, who went on to start Mirage, etc.. He was once the Cerwin-Vega distributor in Canada, but was fired by Gene Czerwinski when it was discovered that he had registered the C-V brand name and trade mark in Canada in his own name. He knew how well that kind of loudspeaker was selling, so he just started making similar products.

Considering the amazing similarities between the 12S and the set of Cerwin Vega R24s a couple of months ago, that rings true to me.

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Anonymous said...

Lloyd ... how do they compare to the older Cerwin-Vegas you recently sold .... how do the horn tweeters sound ... do they provide much detail ?