Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hafler DH-200 Power Amplifier

Stunning sound! This is one of those pieces, like the NAD 3020, that brought a true taste of the high end within reach of the mass market.

David Hafler founded Dynaco along with Ed Laurent, and in 1972 began his eponymous company. The DH-200 was it's second product. This is one of Hafler's classic designs, a 100 watt/channel MOS-FET power amp. The air, detail and weight it presents in a good recording is really special. The injuries the razor sharp heatsinks can inflict are special too, and extra care needs to be taken when moving and connecting this baby.

Cosmetically, the anodized front of one of the heatsinks doesn't match the other. There is a service sticker from Richard Brack Stereo, who were an authorized Hafler dealer. I imagine the entire heatsink assembly was replaced with one from a later production batch. They do match at the back. Maybe it just needs to be unbolted and turned around. I will find out, though I don't see it as a problem. It sounds amazing!

Currently, I'm feeding the output from my little DAC right into the DH-200 and controlling the volume from my Mac. I will have a fantastic Rotel preamp to listen to it with it soon, but this setup is great!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Lloyd: My first "real" amp was the Dynaco SCA80Q. It was a kit I bought from Richard Brack in the 70's for $200. I bought the Pat4 and the Stereo 120 about a little while back. I will make new boards and power supply for the amp, and for the preamp a new power supply based on the Van Alstine designs. Now I have a P230 Hafler amp I bought from ebay for $170 2 years ago. I use it a the bass amp for the 3 way system I am using. Maybe this fall I will start to build the speakers. I will let you know so you can have a listen. Peter C.