Friday, July 17, 2009

Toshiba SB-420: Surprising sound and build quality

Those who love the silver Kenwood & Pioneer integrated amps are going to love this!
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Anonymous said...

That unit is at least 29 years old
and will need to have every electrolytic cap replaced.

Anonymous said...

I've got one of that superb amplifier. It was bought in Italy in 1977. It still works very well as power amp for front speaker in HD TV even if some potentiometer noises but after a while everything is ok! It's simply perfect with a solid sound.

cscottrun4it said...

I bought one of these at a garage sale for $35. It had been used as a garage amplifier, or so it seemed given the amount of dust and dirt on the unit's case. But after some cleaning, wow!

About 6 months ago, I had the unit recapped. It is even better now. In fact, I would put it up against almost any amp I have heard, which excludes the top of the line Marantzs, Pioneers, and the like. But, for all the midrange amps I have experience with, this one kicks all of the others' butts.