Friday, July 10, 2009

Telefunken Direct Drive Turntable

I can't give you as much information as I'd like about this piece. It has no model number on it. It is a nicely (but lightly) made turntable. It has so many visual aspects similar to Japanese tables that I would bet it was made in Japan for Telefunken.

It came with a one piece cartridge/headshell, missing a stylus that would be very difficult to replace. I bought a new headshell and have installed the Shure M95 cartridge that I'd hoped would work in the AR 77XB (it won't fit in the stock AR headshell...I did try it with the new headshell and discovered that the RCA cable from the table needs to be replaced). The stylus is brand new, and still breaking in.

I feel that I have not listened to enough turntables to give a credible opinion about it's ultimate sound quality, but it works well and sounds fine. It would be a good plug and play solution for someone getting into vinyl.

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