Wednesday, July 15, 2009

You Win Some, You Lose Some.

I hope you had a good weekend, and that this week is going well.
The weekend was very nice except audiowise. I bought two wonderful sets of speakers on Sunday, some small JBLs and a pair of tiny (Minimus 7 size) Cantons. I excitedly brought them home and was very disappointed. One JBL sounded great, the other had a dead titanium tweeter. The Cantons sounded just plain awful, and further investigation revealed that both tweeters, while not dead, were just not right. I returned both and wasted a big part of the day.

This week I picked up a Technics SV-U76 integrated amp and matching ST-S76 tuner. I hesitated at first. I wasn't crazy about the look (very unvintage, no personality) and know that Technics produced some low-fi department store single brand systems (as well as a lot of fabulous gear). When I lifted the amp (very heavy for it's size), I knew I should take a chance. This is a very nice unit! Rated at 70 watts/channel, it is powerful, clean and very musical. I haven't tried the tuner yet (I'm not much of a radio guy), but suspect it will not disappoint.
The look is growing on me too, and the overall impression clean and uncluttered. Opening it up, the build quality is very good.

The Technics amp will be a nice addition, and now I'm very lucky to have it because my beloved Sony TA-F5 has blown a channel & my brilliant service guy is on holiday until the end of the month (must be nice!).

UPDATE: I lost again. I just brought home a pair of small Energy two way speakers and one tweeter is dead!

Technics pictures will be posted soon.

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