Thursday, May 7, 2009

A restyled Pioneer SX-3600

Update: A few minutes after posting an ad on Canuck Audio Mart, it was sold.

I got this receiver in rough shape. The fake vinyl film sides were peeling, the fake wood top was dirty and the volume was very scratchy. I have cleaned it and it sounds great. The sides have been veneered in teak and oiled, the top painted hammertone grey. It looks as good as it sounds. The trend in low to mid powered receivers in the late seventies was towards fake woodgrain, for it's lower cost. This Pioneer deserved better, and it makes me happy the way a few simple changes can enhance the perception of it's quality.

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HiFi Collector said...

Nice 3600! I've got one of those too, and now I'm inspired to clean it up and copy your rehab! - Tom

Marshall Law said...

Outstanding job on the pioneer...cheers
Unwarez :)