Sunday, May 10, 2009

Weekend Update

The Altec 893A Coronas are sold, along with the Harman/Kardon hk385i receiver. I advertised the receiver, but didn't post about it here, because it was made in the early to mid eighties. Rated at 30 watts per channel, it sounds great with cds and the phono section is excellent, but the selectivity of the tuner section is not up to the standards set in the seventies.

The Cerwin Vega R-24s are leaving tomorrow along with the Harman/Kardon 430 twin powered receiver. On further and final listening, I am very impressed with the Vegas, the company's first "residential" speaker system. The mids and high end sound, to my ear, much more musical than the HED series Cerwin Vegas I've heard.

One of the woofers in my special Mission 710s developed a buzzing voice coil. I expect to have a complete replacement driver tomorrow.

I have an NAD 7240PE receiver. When I got it, it sounded great for the first 15 minutes it played, then became very harsh sounding. It has been in the shop for weeks, and has come home sounding great: clean, neutral NAD sound, with incredible weight and power, and prodigious amplifier headroom. The FM tuner button is missing (for now) but works.

I hope to have another pair of Rega 2 speakers tomorrow. I will enjoy them for longer than I did the last pair!

I also expect to have a gorgeous Sansui 7070 60 watt/channel receiver tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

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