Friday, May 22, 2009

ONKYO TX-4500 mk2

With 55 HUGE watts per channel, this is a stunning sounding receiver. It is very full featured, with connections for 2 turntables, 3 pairs of speakers and 3 tape decks (or auxiliary inputs).

Visually it is in excellent condition, with amazing design details like a plate glass tuning scale and floating tuning knob. Construction quality is first rate.

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David Lee said...

The Onkyo TX 4500 mll is RMS 330 watts per channel but when you add speakers the watts break down to total 55 to 65 WPC but add one set of speakers you will push them with no problem up to 330 watts per channel I have one of these receiver's and it is pushing 8 Cerwin Veger ass kickers with power to spare cracking ceilings and walls with bass you can feel in your chest this receiver is so under rated it is sick to think that Pioneer or Sansui could hold anything when compared to this great receiver this thing simply kicks ass....