Saturday, May 16, 2009

Just picked up at Goodwill

for $1.49! A very natural recording, especially the drum kit.

I'm listening on the Lenco L62 with Ortofon Black cartridge through the Sony TA-F5 and Coral CX-77 speakers, and it sounds beautiful!

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GE@R $LUT said...

Sounds like a awesome setup, i making use of my brothers marantz TT4000 direct drive turntable right now, i've got a 71 Magnavox Micromatic Record changer, that i will modify down the road, new belt, new rca cables & ground wire witch it dose not have & hopefully new cartridge if i can find one that fits.

my PL50's sound much better with newer tweeter installed, i was listening to my kinda blues last night, pure Aural Bliss!