Sunday, May 3, 2009

Weekend Update

The Marantz Model 26 left this morning. The Altec 201s left yesterday.

Those of you who follow this blog know that I haven't loved the Cerwin Vega speakers I've had and heard (like the HED-10s). I found the bass pretty good (and liked the quality of the cast frame woofers, including a set of 15 inchers I refoamed for a blog reader) but the treble, horribly harsh, courtesy of a cheap horn tweeter.

Now I have a vintage set of really early 'Vegas, before they used that red foam surround and the CV logo on the dustcap. This system has a heavy (but not cast frame) 12 inch woofer, and a reddish yellow dome tweeter, in a shallow metal horn. I'm told, by people with more knowledge than me, that this is the same tweeter used in the legendary Sound Dynamics Rock Monitors, and so far that sounds right to me. I refoamed the woofers last night. They have an extra deep basket that allows for a very long excursion capability, and so far (I can't go too loud early Sunday morning) it sound like a very coherent 2 way system with a nice midrange and the bass punch that Cerwin Vegas are loved for.

Pictures to follow shortly. Cerwin Vega fans will want to check these out, I think they are special.

I'm going to sand them and sort out the grills while my camera batteries are recharging. They are going to be beautiful. The more I look at them, the more they make sense to me as californian versions of those Sound Dynamics. remember Cerwin Vega made the sensurround speakers for the disaster movie Earthquake
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