Monday, May 25, 2009

Monday Update

The Altec 893A Coronas and Harman/Kardon HK385i left this weekend. On final listen the speakers sounded wonderful...KLH/Advent like sound, beautiful construction.

The Sherwood S-7100 left as well and will be missed.

The Coral CX-77s are going to be gone my mid June, taken by an astute audiophile who appreciates their amazing abilities and is not distracted by their lack of north american brand recognition.

I have a NAD 3020 that sounds really sweet. It has a couple of quirks that I'll tell you about later, but rocks already.

I also have a pair of Advent/1s in real wood veneer cabinets (all the Advents I've had before were in woodgrain vinyl) that sound amazing. It's a treat to hear the 3020 driving them, so much beautiful sound, such a bargain!

I have a beautiful Kenwood KR-4070 40 watt/channel receiver just back from servicing, and sounding fantastic.

The Rega 2s left tonight. They are outstanding, and I hope to find them again, as well as a pair of 3s.

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