Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saturday Update.

The Braun L710s are gone. The ADS/Braun designs are among my absolute favorites: stunningly clear, neutral and very musical. The drivers, especially the dome midrange, are excellent.

The Revox AX4-3s left today, and I have a great pair of JBL L36s back in the house. I get a bit antsy when I go to long without a JBL fix. This pair has 127A woofers, identical to the stock 125As (same frame, and they require the same recone kit), except for the non-inverted (outie) dustcap, and ferrite magnets, not alnicos. JBL went to ferrite magnets as soon as the fabrication issues were overcome, and I hear no difference in sound (and I've tried).

Update: I had the Sherwood S-7100A receiver hooked up when I brought the JBLs in, and they sounded great together. The L36s, however, are the least efficient JBLs I've ever seen (76db!), and switching to the Sansui G-6700 really opens them up beautifully.

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Anonymous said...

The 76db sensitivity actually was from 6 feet not the now standard 1 meter. My grand dad used to have a pair with his Dual 505, Marantz 1125 and Technics Cassette deck. I miss that Sunday family dinner experience so much, interestingly my grandad was a classical music person, and he started off with a full Quad ESL/Quad 2 system but he thought it lacked the scale and drama of the JBL/Marantz combo.

Unfortunately when he passed away, my parents held a yard sale and got rid of everything...

Anyway this is a great site and I think you for sharing your love and experience for these well engineered and underpriced nuggets!