Saturday, March 26, 2011

ESS AMT 3 Rock Monitor Update, Saturday.

One is working perfectly! I refoamed the midrange, splicing a 6 1/2" foam down to 6". The tweeter on that one worked outside the enclosure, and the reason it and the mid didn't work inside was simply a blown fuse. I'm now one more midrange refoam and one tweeter diaphragm away from hearing these magnificent beasts in stereo.


Anonymous said...

I own a pair of ESS AMT-3 Rock Monitors bought new in 1974. They have been in storage in the original boxes at my parent's house since 1979. Do you a good speaker repair person who can fix these up to be like new. The woofers and mid's need to be re-foamed. I don't know about the AMT's, but they appear to be okay upon visual inspection. I am looking forward to seeing pics of yours.

-Joe in Houston-

The Courier said...

I am the proud original owner of a pair of ESS AMT 3 Rock Monitors that I purchased new in 1975. I replaced the woofers last year and reconed the mids at the same time. The Heil Air Motion Transformers still perform perfectly. These speakers work best with a high performance, separate preamplifier and high current, high power amplifier.


Tom in New Mexico

Anonymous said...

I bought a pair of Rock Monitors upon graduating High School in 1976. Great loud speaker, with superior highs, great mids and so-so lows. I am still using them in my theater. There are many sources of re-foam kits online and it brings them back to new. The Heil's still sound like new after all these years. I would still be using them in my main system if I was not fortunate enough to find some Infinity IRS Beta's.

Anonymous said...

The Dayton ST255-8 is a great upgrade for this speaker.
To get the best out of the woofers, you really need to block the stock port, and use 2 3"x6" ports on the rear.
These speaker, so upgraded will blow away 95% of speakers out there-new or old.