Saturday, March 12, 2011

Sansui G-6700 receiver

This is not exactly my cup of tea aesthetically, though it has been growing on me. It is a spectacular sounding piece, very clean (but not sterile) and very powerful. It's driven every speaker I've hooked it up to, including the power hungry Bose 901 Series 1s effortlessly. You can find the original brochure here.


Anonymous said...

I have one g5700 and g3500. Greate equipments. You can see them on my blog . Unfortunatelly in portuguese.

Anonymous said...

Wow, will they ever make such nice equipment ever again? I'm afraid not. To build this receiver today in the same manner with the same quality parts would make it unaffordable to most, thus not feasible.

Xavier_Ninnis said...

My G-6700 came paired with a couple of their SP-X9000s, and the ensemble is still blowing my hair back* more'n 40 years after I purchased it with an installment loan. (With dear old dad the co-signer!)

*The single dept in which I won the gene lottery. Two bald-as-eggs brothers while, heaven knows why, I've got the same hair-line as when we were pissing & moaning about gas topping a buck a gallon.