Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturday Update.

ADS L710s
They sound amazing. The first characteristic that jumps out is their extraordinary clarity. I've been using them lately with my 15 watt/channel (into 8 ohms) Sansui AU-2900, and because they're 4 ohm systems (which that little amp has no trouble with) I'm getting way more volume than I need. I've also used an 85 watt/channel Sansui G-6700 with great results.

Now I'd love to find a pair of ADS L810s. I've now seen both Braun and ADSs' versions of the L710, and the ADS is even better made, with the 2 woofers in separate chambers, and much beefier crossover components (induction coils that weigh like torroidal transformers!).

BOSE 901 Series 1s
I bought and installed graphic equalizer, so that I could hear them with vinyl, and digital music players other than itunes. I continue to be impressed. The rain is preventing me from sanding them today, but I stripped them indoors, and repaired a bunch of chips in the veneer with a very closely matching veneer (thanks, Phil). They sound great with a Sansui G-6700 receiver, which I'll tell you more about soon.

The Revox AX4-3s are also stripped and waitnig for the rain to stop.

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