Saturday, March 5, 2011

Braun L710 photos in my kitchen.

There's a severe rain storm alert in Toronto today, so I won't be doing any refinishing or photography outside. I've been working on the gorgeous sounding L710s for days, including hours spent in a futile attempt to strip the perforated metal grills back down to their original silver from the uneven flat black I got them in. They are gloss black now, and I won't bore you with the details, except to say that the grills had thin styrofoam backings with cutouts for the drivers that were NOT easily removable without a big mess. There still needs to a 1" wide strip around the sides to raise the galvanized steel strips to the height where they can engage the magnets on the front baffle that holds them in place. Sorry,I guess I did bore you with the details. The grills now work more like translucent scrims, with the drivers more apparent than if they were silver, but I think they look cool.

I left the backs the original flat gray laquer, because I was afraid that I'd do more harm than good. I installed proper speaker connector cups with high quality 5 way binding posts. I think Braun did their speakers a real disservice in the North American market by selling them with thin wires coming out of a hole in the back, undermining the quality of the product.

I will take pictures outdoors as soon as possible. All in all I'm pleased. The craftmanship of the cabinets and quality of Braun's extraordinary drivers is apparent.

If anyone knows whether these speakers are actually designed by Dieter Rams, please let me know.


Scott Robb Northern, VA said...

I have a pair of A/D/S/ MV30/t tower speakers. I bought them at a pawn shop for $90. I've owned a LOT of speakers and aside from some having deeper bass, these blow them all away! See my blog:

SK416 said...

Hi Lloyd,

Do you know how to replace the tweeter fuse? Is it as simple as removing the back panel?

Anonymous said...

I'm Wondering how one opens up these speakers? I've wanted to install binding posts on my l710s for a while now but have been unable to get the back cover off. Is it simply more persuasion needed?