Sunday, March 20, 2011

JBL L36s Again.

I've had lots of experience with JBL L36s. I've refoamed and refinished 3 pairs. They require a powerful amp, with good headroom, to really bloom. But they're wonderful speakers. They aren't as neutral as the Brauns or Revoxes, but they're very musical, drawing me into the performance, making me want dance (I can't), and sing along (I do).

The entire Decade series is wonderful. The L16 is a great sounding 2 way 8 inch system, and the 2 way 10 inch L26 deserves to be considered (as I know I've said before) along with the Dynaco A-25s and large Advents.


Bobzilla said...

I'd have to agree that the L36's are rockin'! My mains are and have been since 1978 a pair of L36's I bought used for $500 that year.

Anonymous said...

I read this blogg frequently from oversea and like it very much =°)

Have recently bought a pair of L26 and also a pair of L36 to my two sons. Is it possible to get a comment on what type of "powerful amp" you would recommend to L36? And what type for L26?

Is there any power/watts limit (approximate)?

Please, be so kind and give more than one option...

Keep up the good work!