Wednesday, March 30, 2011

ESS AMT 3 Rock Monitor Photos.

I removed all the drivers, sanded the cabinets and got almost all the scratches out.
I masked all the wood and sprayed them flat black.
I removed all the masking, oiled the cabinets with teak oil.
I resealed all the drivers before reinstalling.
These speakers are fantastic. They're not overwhelming, as their size might lead you to expect. They're natural and neutral with excellent, tight bass with no boom.


Will Hartley said...

Those babies are beautiful. I would happily cross state lines to marry a pair of those speakers when and where it becomes legal.

Norberto said...

Nice and congratz.

Could you put pictures from cabinet enclosure? such as volumen dimension room enclosure for each driver.

I'll preciate.

My best.

nofarias -at- yahoo -dot- com