Monday, January 12, 2009


UPDATE: I've listened to reggae, blues, Coltrane and I'm just getting started! These are wonderful speakers. I may be up later than I should tonight, because these Mach Ones make me want to play track after track. Even their looks (without those horrendous fuzzy grills) are starting to grow on me...rock concert PA with nice wood. I will try to address the backlog of speakers that need sanding and oiling tomorrow, and these will be gorgeous!

I just got these monsters up my (many) stairs and hooked them up. I was expecting harsh and powerful, and on first blush I got the power with much more refinement than I would have imagined based on their looks. I will have more to say, but wanted to let you know they're here.

They are the most sought after 024 model, and a reader on AudioKarma explains why:
Just a little information for those of you who own these classic speakers and wonder why the foam surrounds are usually bad . There were 2 versions -The first and original cat# 4024 had rubber surrounds, screw terminals, 10 screws in the L-pad plate, 8 ohm woofers and dual wound brass voice coils

The latter vesrions Cat # 4029 had the (known rotter) foam surround, clip terminals, 6 screws in the L-pad plate, and 4 ohm woofers this version also is the muddy whompy sounding machs that were released after 81' There are no comparison to the sound of the two different verions so beware of this verion on Ebay ect..they are junk .

The Original 4024's were manufactured by Thompson Electronics for Tandy from 77 to 81' the 4029's were made by Optimus from 82 to 84' and they were produced much cheaper to hold a changing market

If anyone has not experienced the original line of the Mach Ones (4024) you should take a listen the quailty of sound is unbelievable compared to todays market of speakers

Thanks to seventiesstereo's good friend jazzfusion for finding the ad.

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Eric said...

Judging by the rubber surrounds these look like the original 1024s that where far superior to the later 1029s,I had a pair a both and the 1024s had much tighter sound with clear base as compaired to the muddy base of the 1029s.Of course neither are near as good as the L36s you sold me.
Thanks Eric