Wednesday, January 28, 2009

JBL L16s

UDATED:These may be the most natural, tightest, most musical speakers in the Decade series, and you know that's a big statement coming from me.

With the arrival of this beautiful pair of speakers yesterday from Winnipeg, I have now had all three models of JBL's Decade series speakers in house. I won these in an eBay auction, not surprising, as I was the only bidder! They look like 3/4 scale versions of the L26, beautiful oak cabinets containing 8 inch woofers (considered by many to be the finest 8 inch drivers JBL ever made), and LE-25 tweeters. I just refoamed them last night and they are sweet! Every time I hear a pair of vintage JBLs I remember why I love them so much. They get the midrange right. I will post pictures later, but am listening happily while I refoam the ten inch Peerless woofers from the Design Acoustics D-6s. The cabinets are in beautiful shape, but as is my habit, I will fine sand and oil them. I will have more to say about these soon.
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