Sunday, November 15, 2009

Service and Repair Update

Vladimir is gone for a week. I left the Marantz 4400 with him, but he couldn't give it the attention it needed in a rush, so I'll be waiting to hear it (in anything but mono) for a while yet. This will be a test of patience.

The big Sansui AU-9500 developed problems in the preamp section in every place that Vladimir hadn't been. I kept it for weeks, using the awesome and fully functional power amp section with the Marantz 3300 preamp. As soon as Vladimir returns I will have it fixed and sounding great again.

The Sony TA-F5 continues to impress, has been totally solid and reliable, and has been my go to amp since the Sansui (temporarily) died.

DISCLAIMER: The pieces I've discussed in this post are unusually complex (and the SONY is in this post because it's working well). Those who are new to vintage audio should know that the construction quality of most of this stuff is exceptional by modern standards, and once working or serviced (often just a good cleaning and lubrication), should give years of beautiful music and exceptional service.

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Anonymous said...

The Sony TA-F5 is really nice gear, I have the TA-F4 and have had no problems with it what so ever. built like a tank.