Friday, November 13, 2009

A beautiful and generous new album.

"And now, in the digital age, while everyone else is thinking of ways to sell single songs through the internet or snippets of songs on cell phones, Blue Rodeo has recorded a double album designed specifically to be enjoyed on vinyl. The Things We Left Behind is the real deal. Double gate-fold sleeve, 12 x 12 cover and two albums, four distinct sides programmed to take the listener on a trip."

That's from the media kit for Blue Rodeo's new album, The Things We Left Behind, and is beautifully put. Musically, it is as good as the band has ever been (though Lost Together will always be my favourite). Sonically, the double 180 gram vinyl pressing is superbly done: well mastered, and dead quiet. The generous package includes the two CDs as well, allowing for direct AB comparisons. The ambience, richness and detail of the vinyl is startling.

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Doug said...

Thanks for the recommendation. Listened to it twice today and will be in rotation for quite some time. Just ordered the vinyl.

vintagesound said...

Highly agree, this album will be referred to for many years. Sonically brilliant!