Sunday, November 29, 2009


I'd briefly heard these rare and fabulous speakers from Winslow Burhoe's eponymous company, founded after EPI (which spawned Genesis Physics Corporation) about a year ago. That pair had been 'refoamed' with rings of linen cut from a bedsheet by someone who didn't have speaker foam on their radar, but was a craftsman who did a skillful job with what he had. They sounded good. My pair has full wood veneer front baffles and look much prettier than the brochure picture I post. I haven't listened for an hour yet, but I can tell you that the inverted dome midrange driver, which looks like a larger version of Burhoe's famous inverted dome tweeter, is superb, and that the ten inch woofer in a large ported enclosure yields detailed and deep bass. Much more to come about these!

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